Does a candidate have to identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender in order to be endorsed?
No. The Caucus has always opened its endorsement process to any candidate willing to seek our endorsement, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity or expression. We endorse the best candidates for the job who will represent the LGBTQ community well.
When does The Caucus normally endorse candidates?
The time frame for endorsement varies from election to election based on a variety of factors. The endorsement schedule can be set as early as our membership wants it to be, but typically we endorse no earlier than six months before an election and no later than two months before an election.
Does The Caucus ever make dual endorsements in a race?
No. We limit our endorsements to only one candidate per race.
I decided to run for office after you endorsed – will you reconsider your endorsement so I can compete for it?
Our Standing Rules of Endorsement require all candidates seeking our endorsement to meet certain requirements and deadlines in order to be eligible for endorsement. Once our membership endorses in a race, we generally do not reconsider that endorsement unless the endorsed candidates violated the terms of the endorsement.